We pride ourselves very highly for adhering to three principles that govern our practice: 

  • reflexivity
  • safety
  • action

At Theatre Incorporate, we develop dramatic tools to help you and your teams to move into the "unknown" Johari window to know and understand ourselves and others more. Specifically, we provide safe emotional spaces to experiment with new roles, expand our role repertoire, and experience alternative ways to act. 

Shakespeare in Leadership

What can Shakespeare teach us about styles in motivation? We experiment with the speeches of King Henry V and Richard III before they embark in a battle. How would you rouse your army to fight with you?

Improvisation & Storytelling

Are you able to respond to surprise elements and speak spontaneously? Here, we introduce the principles of improv to show you how to accept new offers and work with them through a story.

Leadership Presence

Do you have enough gravitas and charisma to influence teams? In this workshop, you establish your baseline to see how your performance is being perceived. Then you work through seven dimensions of leadership presence.

Corporate Teambuilding

Is your team working cohesively? Or are there occasional conflicts that you would need to address? Do you know them intimately? By the end of the workshop, you all will learn to be actors, directors, writers, designers.