Our Mission

Theatre Incorporate Ltd is a premiere training company tailored to meet the needs of business leaders and managers in teams and organizations.

Using all forms of theatre and drama methodologies (applied theatre) outside the commercial theatre scene, we have helped top-level managers achieve a greater congruence by empowering them to  experience alternative ways to act. 

Our Story

Ed Chow and Soti Rpd first met in July 2016 in a theatre production of Toba Tek Singh. Through an intensive devising process for five months, they noticed that the other non-professional actors in the ensemble (who were working in banks, IT, and other corporate sectors) started to develop a quality of acting that was much more genuine and convincing. They were not trying to act, or to impress; rather, they became storytellers showing a story and reacting to each other. Their understanding of themselves grew and became more present.

At that time, Ed was working at INSEAD and Soti was with the Intercultural Theatre Institute. From lengthy discussions to intensive workshops, Ed and Soti decided to meet the needs of corporate clients - to teach them to act - not in the theatrical sense - but in the sense of 'stripping bare' the conditionings that have caused executive leaders to be inflexible, unimaginative, and inauthentic. Good actors embody a certain aura and presence, and leaders can definitely benefit from a theatrical training.

Joachim Joerger, who was completing his Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change degree at INSEAD, contacted Ed to pick his brain as he wanted to study the benefits of acting so as to help leaders arrive at a reflective space - for organizational change. The conversations were always stimulating and insightful, both from Ed's perspectives on theatre and Jo's perspectives on organizations. It was then that Ed invited Jo to help establish Theatre Incorporate.

Theatre Incorporate (Theatre Inc, for short) was founded and incorporated (no pun intended) on 20 December 2016 and is registered as a limited company based in Singapore.


We will assess your communication style and design a personalised one-to-one programme that can help you establish more credibility, more engagement, and with more impact. We will teach you how to craft your own story and use it effectively for presentations without a script.


Through experiential exercises with other team members, you will measure your effectiveness as a leadership, including dimensions of influence, motivation, agility, and emotional connection. The exercises will help you recalibrate your effectiveness as a leader in 'performance'.


Teambuilding through theatre performances is unique. With various roles cast - actors, directors, costume designers, music designers, light designers, scriptwriters - it is a definitive programme to harness creativity, leverage on strengths, and build trust amongst members in your teams.

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